Rent a car Costa Brava in train station of Girona

Where? At the same traint station

Plaça d’Espanya s/n 17002, Girona


MON-FRI 09:00 – 19:00

SAT-SUN 09:00 – 13:00



Extra services available

Collection Girona                                         Children's chairs

Van rental service                                         Additional driver

Motorcycle rental service                             Children's seats

Bike rental service                                        Additional driver



Why rent a car at Firona station?

With this service offered by Rent a Car Costa Brava you can arrive by train from your town of origin and collect the car at the same exit door of the train station. No queues, waiting or interruptions. A professional from the Rent a Car Costa Brava team will be waiting for you with the keys in hand to make the delivery and wish you a safe journey.

The train station is one of the places most in demand by our customers, since arriving and having the car at the door without having to wait for anything else is priceless! And what's more, you can do the same on the way back. You leave your car at the door and get on the train.

Get your rental without intermediaries at the cheapest prices. Your reliable rental offers a fast, comfortable and quality service.


All car rental options at Girona station

  • Car rental at Girona station without franchise and without having to leave a bond or deposit
  • If you arrive in Girona for work or leisure, if you come by train, you can choose to have your rental car ready at the door and a person waiting to give you the keys
  • Choose whether you want to return the car to the same train station or central Girona, the airport or Platja d'Aro or Lloret de Mar.
  • Reserve a car with Full Risk coverage, the most complete coverage at Rent a Car Costa Brava



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