Personalised delivery of rental cars at the airport is a service offered by Rent a Car Costa Brava to make the rental process more convenient for customers.

This service involves a representative of the Rent a Car Costa Brava meeting you at the airport terminal and handing over the keys and rental documents for the car.

Some advantages of personalised delivery of rental cars at the airport include:

  1. Time savings: By receiving the rental car directly at the airport terminal, you save time and avoid having to go to a rental car office outside the airport. 

  2. Greater convenience: This service is convenient as you won't have to carry your luggage to pick up the rental car at an office outside the airport.

  3. Customisation: If arranged with the rental car company in advance, it may be possible to choose the car model you prefer before arriving at the airport.

  4. Personalised service: The personalised delivery of the hire car at the airport offers you a more exclusive and personalised service, as a representative of our Rent a Car Costa Brava team will be at your disposal to resolve any queries or problems. We will provide you with useful information about the rental car, such as how the navigation system works or the safety features of the car.


  5. Greater flexibility: The personalised delivery of the rental car at the airport can offer greater flexibility in terms of vehicle type selection and rental conditions, as you will be able to customise your reservation according to your specific needs.

    We are the best rental option at Girona Costa Brava Airport.

    Download here the instructions for the delivery and collection of vehicles at the airport.